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Your life is full of obstacles and unanswered questions. Our health coaching will zero in on your personal challenges and together we will conquer them. We will take the necessary time to figure out what strategy to use for nutrition, activity and overall life choices to make the achievements that will improve your quality of life tremendously! This service is offered to clients USA wide, so no matter where you're located, we can help. Our nutrition app is the most powerful available with a nutrition analysis engine that can find and fix any nutrient deficiencies in your diet. 

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 SuperPHIT works with ages 8-Senior. Our clientele consists of athletes, post rehab patients, seniors and anyone wanting to improve their performance  and quality of life. Collectively we have over 30 years of coaching experience with a very long list of successful clients. 

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Exercise is beneficial no matter who you are. Some exercise choices are simply for stress relief, health and enjoyment. Then there are WORKOUTS. A workout is meant to be more intense and challenging, while still adding a certain level of enjoyment to your activities. Not to mention keeping health and safety as a top priority. With our veteran Certified Trainers with countless successful clients and a solid reputation, you can't go wrong. SuperPHIT offers remote fitness training which allows you to have a personal coach design weekly workouts for you to do at home or any location you choose. We send your workouts, you complete them and we check on you for accountability and feedback. Delivery is available via email, online and in mobile app.

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Individual PHIT Packages

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iPHIT involves individual personal training and health coaching. No matter what your goals are, we can likely help. SuperPHIT has experience with post rehab, elite athletes, working Mothers and many other demographics, so you are in good hands with us. Contact us today to schedule a no obligation consultation. The iPHIT logo above is a link to our package prices and registration.

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vPHIT virtual coaching is the answer for people who are not in our local area or prefer to enjoy coaching while on the go. With vPHIT we can tailor your nutrition and fitness package to compliment your needs from a distance. With tools like your own account on our coaching website, program delivered right in your account and 24/7 access to your SuperPHIT Health Coach, you will have all you need to succeed. The vPHIT logo above is a link to our package prices and registration

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Boxing skills training starts with the basic philosophy a student and athlete should have in and out of training and competition. Life has many challenges and the sport of boxing can enhance life skills as well as the life you build can directly affect your performance and thought process in the sport. Our approach may be somewhat different from traditional methods and that's the way we intended for it to be. Improving the way we think, can improve the way we perform. Once we get our students and athletes to understand these principles, we move on to the fun stuff like footwork, offensive and defensive techniques. FIGHT PHIT is an invigorating workout burning calories without having to think about "working out". 


If desired, anyone who takes our skills training sessions can move onto actual full contact sparring and sanctioned USA Boxing competitions upon completing necessary processes. This is for those who want to pursue a real boxing career for Olympic and/or professional aspirations or simply for recreational fulfillment.  

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Specialty training groups

Football Camp

Football is a sport based on teamwork and intelligent strategy. All members of the team including the coaches must have a great deal of alertness, discipline and decisiveness. SuperPHIT & R. Cam Athletics focuses first on teaching the mindset necessary to excel in all areas of team and individual sports. This includes sportsmanship, health awareness and ethics.
After we have established the correct mindset to move forward in team sports, we then dive deep into technical and tactical skills training, competitive strategy, physical conditioning drills and we even cover the business side of football and sports in general.
All of these pieces collectively help to create well educated athletes and coaches. SuperPHIT has put this program together in a way that makes it beneficial to all phases of life so that it's not just about football. We're about creating a greater quality of life. 

Comrades Boxing

 Comrades Boxing is our competition boxing team. Comrades Boxing is a 501c3 non-profit that enters USA Boxing sanctioned olympic boxing competitions. Boxing is a very complex sport with so many areas of opportunity to learn skills to improve ones lives. 
SuperPHIT offers non-competitive boxing skills group sessions for ages 8-adult. Our boxing skills sessions will also get you the skills and conditioning you need to eventually join Comrades Boxing and go into competition if you desire to and are eligible. 

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