Rob Campbell is a great motivator. Working outside my comfort zone is not my thing, but he is able to help me break past that and begin to enjoy challenges. 


 I started working with Coach Rob a couple years ago. At the age of 13, I was a big kid for my age and I wanted to be the best on my football team. Coach Rob helped me to learn how to be better balanced for my size and also worked with me on agility and power. I see Coach Rob as more than just a Trainer. He's a friend I respect. 


 Coach Rob is the best Trainer on the planet as far as we're concerned. His training style and personality make working with him so enjoyable that it makes the work seem easier. It's important to has good chemistry with your Trainer. We see him as family. 


 Being in shape is important to me in everyday life and definitely as a performer. Working with Rob Campbell is always a blast. He pushes me to go hard and reminds me that the rewards are well worth the sweat. 


 Being in highly competitive pageants you have to be at your best in every way imaginable. This includes physical fitness. I have worked with Coach Rob during my preparation for local and state crowns...winning local and ranking in the top 4 in state both times. I received tons of compliments on my onstage physical appearance due to the level of shape that Coach Rob was able to motivate me to. 


 I'm a competitive person when it comes to sports. After I was sidelined from football with a back injury, I wondered how and if I could get back on track to a long term career. While I was recovering, Coach Rob introduced me to boxing to get back into shape. It turned out I'm a natural when it comes to boxing and Coach Rob is making me sharper by the day. Now I'm an active fighter with USA Boxing, traveling the country and I also have a shot at some upcoming football opportunities. 

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 It took me a while to get the courage up to even walk in a gym. I was uncomfortable in my own skin. The minute I walked in to talk with Coach Rob on the 1st day, my fears went away. The more sessions I did, the better I felt. I started having more energy, my back pain was significantly better, and my asthma significantly improved. Coach Rob showed me how to believe in myself again and to never give up. 


 I love working out with Rob. The circuits are intense and effective.  I always feel amazing amd strong when I am finished. 


I love the plan. It is easy to follow and good  weekly results.